Katie Smalley Celebrates 5 years with ZOE Holding Company
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Katie Smalley Celebrates 5 years with ZOE Holding Company

Five years ago, we welcomed Katie Smalley to the ZOE Holding Company family as a Timecard Specialist. After quickly learning the ropes and developing her payroll skills as the sole Timecard Specialist for SitePro Solutions, she transitioned to become a Payroll Specialist. Since her day one, Katie has been an integral part of the team and has helped ensure our success as a company.

During her time with ZOE, Katie has grown not only professionally, but personally.

“When I first started, I was shy and didn’t speak up very often,” recalled Katie. “Through working in alongside the SitePro recruiters, I learned that I’d have to speak up and be more outgoing in order to effectively communicate with the team. Once I came out of my shell, we all became fast friends.”

During her five years with ZOE, Katie has created countless friendships with co-workers and considers them to be like a second family.

“The people make this place, that’s for sure,” Katie said. “We’ve bonded outside of work through different events such as intramural softball games, dinners and other events. Being able to spend time with my colleagues outside of the office really changed things for me. Having time to chat and get to know one another helps me understand and work better with people.”

When Katie’s not working hard as a Payroll Specialist, she enjoys making art and diving into all things fantasy.

“I really enjoy drawing and painting in my free time and wish I could do it more,” said Katie. “When I’m not creating art, I’m watching fantasy-based shows like Game of Thrones or playing open-world video games like the Skyrim. I definitely consider myself a big fantasy fanatic.”

Congratulations on your five-year anniversary Katie and thank you for being such an awesome member of the ZOE family!