Congratulations Katie King, Our Newly Promoted Payroll Lead
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Congratulations Katie King, Our Newly Promoted Payroll Lead

As ZOE Holding continues to grow, we’re given the opportunity to help members of our team grow with us. We’re proud to announce the recent promotion of Katie King to Payroll Lead. Katie has been with us since August 2017 and has held a variety of positions as she continues to learn and grow with the company.

“I started first on the compliance side of the house back when I was working with the SitePro Solutions team,” recounted Katie. “After four months of compliance work, I transferred over to the Payroll department.”

Compared to some of the other companies Katie has worked in the past, she believes she’s found something unique with ZOE.

“ZOE isn’t like any other company I’ve worked for and it sure isn’t your stereotypical corporate environment,” said King. “There’s a strong sense of community and family that I think can only be found here with these people. I’ve made so many friends and have gained a lot of confidence when it comes to working across departments.”

Katie is looking forward to using her newfound confidence and outgoing nature in her new position as Payroll Lead.

“I’m excited to get the chance to develop my leadership skills and take what I have learned so far to create new and improved processes.”

Katie hasn’t just built a good working relationship with her team, but a positive bond outside of work as well.

“Working at ZOE is about more than just coming to work and doing a good job. Since starting here, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to meet up with coworkers outside of the office through company events. There have been a variety of sporting events that we’ve gotten to go to, but I think one of my favorite outings was when we got the payroll and accounting departments together to go see Elton John perform. That was really cool!”

We wrapped up our interview with Katie asking if there was anything more she’d like to share to make sure people know the full story about ZOE Holding Company.

“ZOE’s a great company and I’ve really enjoyed the two years I’ve been here. It’s a place to create a career, move up, and try new things. They have confidence in their employees and that speaks volumes.”

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us, Katie, and congratulations once again on your new role. We’re excited to see you continue to grow and gain new skills to add to your professional portfolio. It’s people like you that make ZOE feel like not just a company, but a family.