Scrubjay Travel Med
travel nursing jobs
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Scrubjay Travel Med

Scrubjay Travel Med offers traveling nurses the desireable assingment locations they seek combined with maximized pay packages. It’s our goal to be an informative, go-to source for those looking for nursing positions within top hospitals in California. Our nurses and clients can both depend on us streamline the process and ensure highly qualified, vetted nurses are placed.

Staffing Services

  • Travel Nurses (RN)


  • Gardena, CA (HQ)
  • Positions throughout California


The Right People At The Right Time

At Scrubjay, our highly personal approach to recruitment and job placement is focused on building great relationships with travel nurses and major hospital systems, so at any time we can make a match based on the assignment and needed skills.

Why Scrubjay?

Scrubjay Travel Med works closely with our clinicians, sharing in-depth knowledge of the assignments and hospital systems, ensuring they know exactly what to expect. We do the same for clients by making sure our travel nurse candidates pass all compliance and skills checks before getting started.

Our Network

Scrubjay helps nurses get the most desired assignments at top hospitals throughout California. Our recruiters focus on creating packages meant for travel nurses with high acuity skills that want to maximize their income.